Imagine //

The listening part – the best marketing tools are the ears
We will spend as much time as needed to get to know your lifestyle, tastes and preferences. When we can share your aspirations, we are better equipped to design in the key components of your home. We can agree a layout, size, shape and orientation of a property on its site, often before the engagement of an architect.

Know your patch
Although clients frequently approach us about a site they already own, we are always on the look out for good development opportunities, and generally are aware of a number of ‘off market’ situations in our local market. If you are new to the locality – we can also help to find the perfect site for your requirements.

Create //

Horses for courses
The planning process can be challenging. Choice of design and planning consultants, architects and landscape architects are critical. We have many years of experience as developers, negotiating planning consents for ourselves and for our clients, with a number of highly respected professionals.

Investment protection – cheap can be dear
Our team are all from a ‘developer’ background, where ensuring best value for every pound invested is vital, in the context of the long term value of your home, and its running costs. There are usually multiple solutions to construction detailing, and experience tells us that the cheapest option rarely represents the best value in the long term. Long term value for money always remains our mantra.

Enjoy //

…and relax!
High value houses, complete with sophisticated control systems, pools, ventilation, landscaping and security need careful management and maintenance.

We can, if required, provide an ongoing management service for your new home to ensure that you get the best out of living in the house you imagined at the outset. You wouldn’t buy a Bentley without having it serviced.

We provide stunning full turnkey projects from conception to completion. CONTACT